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customer experience


Taylor -Missouri

We picked a package for our wedding and it was AMAZING! They worked with our budget and the shooting guide was so easy and turned out perfect. Our photos are gorgeous!!

Corporate 50 year anniversary

Jackson - Kansas City

I didn't know where to start but Ashleigh helped guide me on which show to go with while providing me full instructions on how to shoot it. It was easy to get a colleague to shoot everything off and the shooting blueprint was so clear and easy. The show was so awesome, we got a great bang for our buck! Ashleigh, thank you so much for your help! It was unforgettable!

4th of july

Allison - Bentonville, AR

I was able to get all the fireworks I needed for my family's 4th celebration sent straight to my door while staying within my budget. My fireworks were listed in shoot order to give me an incredible show. I felt like a true pyro! haha! Definitely going this again route next year.



I cannot say enough good things about the entire process. Having the option to pick our a show that is alreadys put together eased the anxiety of not knowing what to get. Our show was AMAZING. I didn't know who or how we would shoot it but we received a shoot sheet that was catered to our specific show - simple, easy, convenient. All yeses for us! The customer service was BEYOND helpful, especially for idiots like me who know nothing about fireworks. They made sure we felt comfortable and confident. The pricing is better than any stand we've been to and I had one on one service. I could not recommend them more.